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Unit Lesson Plan

Posted by on May 1, 2017

I have enjoyed creating a lesson using digital technology this semester. Some of the tools I can see myself using in the future, but others completely frustrated me. I actually found a piece of software that allows you to annotate website (InsertLearning) for this class and could not find a good way to integrate it into this unit; however, I created a digital assignment for another unit.

Something that I learned this semester was how important it is to cite your image sources. I know that I am very guilty of taking pictures off of the internet to use, especially to help with multiple means of representation. I know that I need to get better at giving credit to the artists who created what I am using. If I want my students to cite their references when working, I need to model that behavior and show them how it is done.

Working with media literacy in a class on digital integration in education has been the perfect blending of topics for me to learn and work through. I myself had to constantly evaluate new sites or technology I was using at the same time that I was writing lesson plans on how students need to evaluate things they come across while working. Advertisements are different from how they were when I grew up; my students are now seeing ads on websites, on apps on their phones, and in nearly every direction they look. I don’t want my students to mindlessly buy into what they are being shown.

In an age where a Pepsi commercials can spark controversy, I want my students to think critically about the messages they are seeing. After going through my unit on media literacy for advertisements, I think that they will be able to.


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