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Unit Lesson Plan

I have enjoyed creating a lesson using digital technology this semester. Some of the tools I can see myself using in the future, but others completely frustrated me. I actually found a piece of software that allows you to annotate website (InsertLearning) for this class and could not find a good way to integrate it … Continue reading »

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Real or Fake?

As my middle-schoolers are using technology more to learn the importance of media literacy, I have been giving them examples or resources that I have personally vetted to make sure the information I present my students is always accurate and factual. I felt that they needed to learn the basics how to analyze things found … Continue reading »

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Flipped SuperBowl Classroom

Most of what my students have been looking at when dealing with persuasive advertisements in previous lessons have been static images or words, so I wanted them to start connecting how imagery and word choice are important in video commercials as well. The exit-ticket for the class period before this one will ask the students … Continue reading »

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Interactive Whiteboard Activity

Continuing my trend of having my seventh grade students learn about persuasive writing through different forms of media, this lesson has students look at modern advertisements to introduce the concept of pathos, ethos, and logos. I wanted the students to be aware that peer pressure exists in the form of media and pop culture; by … Continue reading »

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Digital Storytelling on a WebQuest

For my EDUC 351 class last semester, I created a WebQuest for the students to learn about propaganda as used in WWII. The story I am telling today is about a classroom sitting down to work on that WebQuest and one student’s progress through the assignment. Because the standard I am working with, 7.3, talks … Continue reading »

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Media Literacy Manipulation

For #INTD501, I will be working with standards for a seventh grade English/Language Arts class; specifically, I will be looking at how 7th graders interact with different aspects of media. My image has a classroom of children learning about the key aspects of media literacy using a form of media (an antiquated projector displaying a … Continue reading »

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UDL Mind Map

This is a concept map for Universal Design for Learning, outlining the the different learning networks as well as the nine principles. After learning about UDL for an entire semester for EDUC 384, I feel like I have a good grasp on both knowing what parts of education and pedagogy go to what network or … Continue reading »

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